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Chapter 4: Systems management and config... > Performance considerations - Pg. 93

4.4 Performance considerations There are several performance related options during the design phase of a channels and containers implementation, which you must encourage the application programmer to consider. 4.4.1 Configuration There are two aspects of configuration, which are data separation and error data handling that are discussed in the following sections. Data separation If you are converting an existing application, it may look like an obvious choice to use a channel with a single container to replace your current COMMAREA. However, from a performance perspective, it may be better to separate the input and output fields in your COMMAREA into different containers. The main performance benefit of doing this is that the amount of unnecessary data transmission is significantly reduced. For example, at the end of a distributed program link (DPL) call, input containers whose contents the server program has not changed do not return to the client. On the other hand, input containers whose contents the server program has