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Chapter 11: Deploy with WebSphere ESB > For more information - Pg. 553

Deploy the mediations to the cluster Deploying mediations to a cluster environment is basically the same as to a single server environment. The difference is in the scope you use to define resources, and the applications will be installed to a cluster versus a to a single server. Consider the following: Create virtual hosts for your servers and clusters or make sure that the alias list for the default_host virtual server is updated to include the Web container default host port. Create JDBC resources at the deployment manager node and cluster scope. Install the mediation applications to the cluster. You can select the cluster during the install during the map modules to servers step. Create the bus destinations required. If you add Web services support for the bus, you will not be able to use the default Cloudscape database for the SDO repository. 11.13 For more information See the following resources: WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6.0.1 Information Center phere.wesb.doc/info/welcome.html Getting Started with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6, SG24-7212 WebSphere Application Server V6 Scalability and Performance Handbook, SG24-6392 WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6: High Availability Solutions, SG24-6688 Chapter 11. Deploy with WebSphere ESB 553