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Chapter 2: Process for applying SOA scenarios - Pg. 21

2 Chapter 2. Process for applying SOA scenarios A process for selecting SOA scenarios and related reusable patterns assets has been designed and documented in Patterns: SOA Foundation Service Creation Scenario, SG24-7240. This process can be use by specialists in pre-sales and post-sales roles, and by architects in a customer/consulting engagement. Within this process, generic use cases have been designed to be representative of SOA capabilities possible with the software used in the SOA scenarios. The process includes a selection table that maps the generic use cases to the appropriate SOA scenario. Once the SOA scenario is identified, the user can then reference the related reusable patterns assets to help accelerate the solution design. This chapter gives a brief overview of the SOA scenario selection process and discusses the generic use cases that lead to the Service Connectivity scenario. It then gives a brief introduction to Patterns for e-business. This chapter contains the following topics: Process for using SOA scenarios and patterns Reuse patterns assets to accelerate the solution architecture © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 21