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Chapter 1: IBM Virtualization Engine TS7... > The history of open systems backup - Pg. 2

1.1 The history of open systems backup The history of open systems backup begins with the need to back up a couple of servers. With the purchase of the server, you received an internal tape device. This tape device normally held enough data to back up the base operating system and some additional small files. This support was satisfactory until the need arose to back up the growing amount of data on the server. For years, engineers swapped out tapes multiple times to perform the backup. Then they requested management to upgrade the tape device to something with more capacity and speed. They may have even requested an autoloader to alleviate the multiple nightly media swaps. Whenever a group of servers was purchased, an autoloader, such as the IBM 3570 Autoloader (Figure 1-2), was purchased with it. For open systems backup, the autoloader alleviated an immediate need and became the standard in data centers. This process normally continued until the engineer reached a point where it took an entire work day to swap out tape magazines, because the tape magazines were distributed throughout the data center.