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Chapter 4: Installation planning and bas... > Installation planning - Pg. 34

4.1 Installation planning Physical planning is a customer responsibility. You can find detailed planning information in the IBM Virtualization Engine TS7510 Introduction and Planning Guide, GC26-7767. In this section, we give you an overview on the requirements for installing the IBM Virtualization Engine TS7510 in your environment. 4.1.1 Physical site planning When you are planning the floor and space requirements of your storage units, consider the dimensions and weight of the IBM Virtualization Engine TS7510 components. The total weight of the TS7510 depends on the number of components installed. Table 4-1 lists the weight of each component. Table 4-1 TS7510 component weight Unit 3952 Tape Frame Weight 261 kg (575 lb) not configured; 695 kg (1450 lb) maximum configuration (contains two 3955-SV5, six 3955-SX5, 3954-CV5) 26 kg (58 lb) 40 kg (88 lb) 40 kg (88 lb) TS7510 Virtualization Engine (3954-CV5) TS7510 Cache Controller (3955­SV5) TS7510 Cache Module (3955­SX5) Table 4-2 shows the physical dimensions of the 3952 Tape Frame Model F05.