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3.4 Disk space A Domino server requires disk space for many purposes. It is useful to consider the disk space in three broad categories: Disk space for Solaris itself, for Domino's program files, and for the so-called "swap" area. Disk space for the Domino data directories and the users' mail databases. Disk space for the Domino partitions' transactional log files. The following subsections consider each of these purposes in turn, and 3.4.4, "Using RAID for data protection" on page 26 discusses the additional requirements of high-availability RAID configurations. 3.4.1 Solaris, programs, and "swap" For a full installation of Solaris, each Solaris domain requires a minimum of 5 GB of disk space, but 12 GB is recommended. This can be reduced a bit if you decide to install less than a full installation. Each installed Domino version needs an additional gigabyte for the program directory.