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Chapter 5: Installing Lotus Domino 7 on Sun Solaris 10 - Pg. 93

5 Chapter 5. Installing Lotus Domino 7 on Sun Solaris 10 In this chapter we describe the installation of IBM Lotus Domino 7 on Sun Solaris 10. In the first part of the chapter we review the steps necessary to prepare your Sun Solaris environment. Next, we take you step-by-step through the installation of the Domino server code, describe how to set up the Domino server, and finally, discuss various methods for starting and stopping the Domino server. In brief, setting up Domino 7 on your Solaris server requires the following steps: 1. Set up the hardware. 2. Install and patch Solaris. (Refer to Domino release notes for required patches.) 3. Set up and test the network. 4. Add and set up the Solaris group and user accounts for Domino. 5. Install the Domino software from a tar file. 6. Set up and configure Domino. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 77