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Disk space > Domino transactional logs - Pg. 41

3.4.2 Domino directories and databases A Domino partition requires about 1 GB of disk space for its data directory, which contains essential server databases such as names.nsf and This much space suffices for organizations of up to a few thousand registered users. For larger organizations, estimate an additional 25 MB per thousand users and scale up accordingly. If you are running multiple partitions, each requires its own data directory, so multiply the per-partition space by the partition count to get the grand total space required. It is an excellent idea to keep the various partitions' data directories on different disk volumes, so that one partition's I/O traffic does not interfere with another's. The users' mail databases also require disk space. Add up the total size of all users' mail databases (or refer to Table 3-1 on page 20 and estimate 100, 300, or 500 MB for each light, medium, or heavy user) to estimate the total space required. Domino's data directories and databases can reside on any file system Solaris supports. The amount of space required for file system metadata differs from one file system to the next, as does the amount of slack space required for good performance. Most, though, require no more than 10% for file system metadata, and will not suffer overcrowding until the disks become more than 80% full. To allow for this expansion, multiply the total Domino space by 1.1 and divide by 0.8 (or equivalently, add three-eighths to the nominal Domino size to compute the recommended raw disk space). If you have more specific information about the particular file system you intend to use, you might be able to refine this estimate, but unless you are sizing a very large system, the difference is not likely to amount to much. To summarize the steps to size your Domino data directory space: 1. Start with 1 GB per Domino partition plus adjustments for large user counts. 2. Add the estimated space for your users' mail files and Domino application databases. 3. Multiply by 1.1 to accommodate file system metadata. 4. Divide by .80 to ensure good file system performance by keeping the disks below 80% full. 3.4.3 Domino transactional logs Domino transaction logs are an optional feature. Our best practices recommend that you use Domino transaction logs as it will reduce the time required to recover from an abnormal Domino shutdown. Chapter 3. Sizing guidelines for IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server 25