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Security on the Web server > Domino file protection - Pg. 456

Note: Refer to Domino Administration 7 help for additional information about configuring Realms. 14.3.5 Domino file protection In Domino 7, File Protection documents stored in the Domino Directory database are the basis for configuring browser access control to files. You can enforce file system security for files that browser users can access. For example, for HTML, JPEG, and GIF, you can specify the level of access for these types of files and the names of the users who can access them. You can apply file system protection on CGI scripts, servlets, and agents. However, the file protection does not extend to other files accessed by the scripts, servlets, or agents. For example, you can apply file protection on a CGI script that restricts access to a group named Web Admins. However, if the CGI script executes and opens other files (or causes other scripts to be executed), the File Protection document is not checked to determine whether Web Admins has access to these files. File protection also does not extend to files in the following directories, which contain default image files and Java applets that are used by the HTTP Web