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Chapter 10: Domain Name Services - Pg. 275

10 Chapter 10. Domain Name Services The Domain Name System (DNS) is a client/server solution in which name servers provide information about host systems and their IP addresses. This chapter describes the z/OS DNS, which uses the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software, the accepted standard of DNS. BIND was developed at the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently maintained by the Internet Software Consortium (ISC). This chapter focuses on the DNS BIND 9 functions that are available in the z/OS V1R7 Communications Server. To determine at what level a specific function was introduced, refer to z/OS V1R7.0 Communications Server: New Function Summary, GC31-8771. The z/OS V1R7.0 Communications Server: IP Configuration Guide, SC31-8775, contains comprehensive descriptions of the individual parameters for setting up a DNS server. It also includes step-by-step checklists and supporting examples. It is not the intent of this book to duplicate the information in the referenced manual, but to complement it with practical implementation scenarios that can be useful in your environment. For complete details, we encourage you to review the documents referred to in "Additional information sources for DNS" on page 278. This chapter discusses the following. Section 10.1, "Overview" on page 276 10.2, "Why Domain Name Services is important" on page 278 10.3, "The common design scenarios for DNS" on page 278 10.4, "How a caching-only DNS server is implemented" on page 282 Topic Discusses the basic concepts of Domain Name Services Discusses key characteristics of a DNS and why it may be important in your environment Presents commonly implemented DNS design scenarios, their dependencies, advantages, considerations, and our recommendations Presents selected implementation scenarios, tasks, configuration examples, and problem determination suggestions © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 275