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The common design scenarios for TN3270 > Sysplex distribution with GR applicati... - Pg. 20

Requirements for IP subnets and IP addresses are increased by introducing sysplex distribution Dynamic VIPAs and Dynamic XCF. Operations must be made aware of changes that sysplex distribution, multiple stacks, and multiple server applications introduce to the environment. Finally, automation and scheduling changes may be required. 1.3.5 Sysplex distribution with GR applications This section provides an overview of executing multiple TN3270 servers with sysplex distribution providing load balancing between them. They point to an application name that is an active participating member of a VTAM generic resources (GR) group. This environment is illustrated in Figure 1-8. SC30 z/OS CICSXUU1 SC31 z/OS CICSXUU2 "CICSCLP0" Generic Resource Name TELNB30C TELNB31C PROFB30C Sysplex Distributor PROFB31C