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Chapter 4: Migration considerations > Listing migration options - Pg. 27

Once the decision is made, the business needs to migrate its applications and software assets from the BizTalk environment to WBIS. The company's internal resources and personnel will work with the migration methodology and toolset to successfully accomplish the migration task. In this scenario, it is expected that SMB personnel will have limited development skills and knowledge of the WBIS infrastructure and toolset. It is also expected that the migration in this case will be a one-time process, and that users will not be willing to invest a lot of time and effort in the migration toolset. The migration tools, therefore, need to be comprehensive and mature. 4.3.3 Outsourcing Outsourcing is the process by which the management and maintenance of a business infrastructure is transferred to a third party. Market research shows that 25% of SMBs are likely to outsource their infrastructure, with an additional 50% who will consider the option. After winning an outsourcing deal, IBM may wish to migrate the SMB's Microsoft environment, including the BizTalk applications, into an IBM and WBIS-based environment. The main driver in this migration scenario is cost reduction for IBM. Migration also has the advantage of better addressing business needs and enabling better control over the IBM environment and products. The main users in this scenario are IBM personnel. It is expected that the IBM team will be assisted by the business's personnel during the outsourcing project. The IBM outsourcing team is expected to have WBIS development experience and be familiar with the migration methodology and toolset. The SMB's staff, on the other hand, are expected to have knowledge of, and experience with, the BizTalk environment in general, and with the specific application to be migrated. They will probably be less familiar with the WBIS environment and the migration tools. 4.4 Listing migration options There are a number of levels at which users can migrate a BizTalk-based application to the WBIS environment. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages, at both the technical and business levels. Migration is possible at the following levels: IDE level Runtime level Operating system level Chapter 4. Migration considerations 27