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WBI Server Express architecture > WBIS business objects and application connect... - Pg. 56

6.1 WBI Server Express architecture In the following sections, we focus our discussion on the WBI Server Express architecture. 6.1.1 WBIS business objects and application connectivity The WBIS platform implements message routing functionality using WBI adapters. Adapters are responsible for connecting applications to business processes and for transforming application data formats into a standard data format that can be understood by the WBIS runtime. The WBIS architecture is more rigid in its application connectivity aspects and provides fewer routing capabilities. 6.1.2 WBIS mapping WBIS supports the notation of Generic Business Object (GBO) and Application Specific Business Object (ASBO). The WBIS mapping tool lets you define a mapping from ASBO to GBO and vice versa. The WBIS runtime implicitly executes the required mapping upon receiving an ASBO that requires transformation to GBO or before sending a GBO to an adapter that only understands ASBO. In addition, you can programmatically execute a WBI map to