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Configuration of CM Records Enabler V8.3 > Before installing Records Manager Ex... - Pg. 166

7.9.2 Before installing Records Manager Extensions Here is a checklist of activities you should complete before installing the Records Manager Extensions: 1. Ensure that your system meets the hardware and software prerequisites. 2. You have installed the Records Enabler Permissions Synchronization server by going through the Content Manager Records Enabler installation program. 3. Ensure that you have set up the environment variable, WAS_HOME. 4. You have completed the section on "Tips for avoiding installation problems" under the section entitled "Performing pre-installation tasks for the Records Manager Extensions" in IBM DB2 Content Manager Records Enabler V8.3: Installing and Configuring, GC18-7570. 7.9.3 Installing Records Enabler on Windows When you start the IBM DB2 Content Manager Records Enabler (CMRE) Installation Launchpad, you will be presented with two installation choices as shown in Figure 7-3.