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Appendix A: Sample application install s... > JCAModule : CRM application - Pg. 474

9. Create a simple project and a simple folder under it. Unzip the WSDL zip file, and import it into the folder. Right-click the service wsdl, and select Web Services Test with Web Services Explorer. JCAModule CRM application The following project files are included with the zip files so you can import and browse the source in Rational Software Architect: JCAClient JCAModule JCAWeb However, the call to it in has been commented out. Running this piece would require that you: Have a CICS server installed with an application that updates a customer database. Install the CICS ECI resource adapter. For this reason, we do not expect you to attempt to deploy this portion of the application. The process of creating the runtime configuration for this portion can be seen in 12.5, "Runtime guidelines for JCA applications" on page 433.