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Chapter 12: J2EE Connector Architecture ... > Runtime guidelines for JCA applicati... - Pg. 433

12.5 Runtime guidelines for JCA applications In this section we discuss some of the more pertinent points about the runtime configuration of WebSphere Application Server V6, CICS Transaction Gateway 6.0. and IBM CICS required for the ITSOMart application. Configuring the runtime requires the following actions: Install and configure the local CICS Transaction Gateway. Install and configure the CICS ECI resource adapter on WebSphere Application Server. Configure WebSphere Application Server and the service integration bus. This process assumes that the CICS Transaction Server and CICS application are up and running. 12.5.1 CICS Transaction Gateway There are three typical CICS Transaction Gateway runtime configurations for the ITSOMart application: Local CICS Transaction Gateway Remote CICS Transaction Gateway Remote CICS Transaction Gateway on z/OS The ITSOMart scenario uses a remote CICS Transaction Gateway running on a distributed platform. It connects to the CICS server using TCP. Local CICS Transaction Gateway When designing a solution that includes CICS Transaction Gateway and WebSphere Application Server, there are several topologies to consider. Figure 12-25 on page 434 illustrates the use of a local connection between the application running in WebSphere Application Server and CICS Transaction Gateway. The CICS Transaction Gateway resides on the same machine as WebSphere Application Server. The application is using the CICSECI resource adapter. In local mode the CICS Transaction Gateway Java code is loaded into the application server JVM. The client daemon is invoked through the CICS Transaction Gateway JNI layer. The client daemon then invokes an enterprise-tier CICS program using ECI calls. The underlying protocols that the ECI call uses to invoke CICS applications are TCP/IP, APPC, or TCP62 (APPC over TCP/IP protocol). The ECI call can be routed to any CICS server. Chapter 12. J2EE Connector Architecture scenario 433