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Install Web services support for the bus > Install the SIBWS application - Pg. 466

For example: ./ -f /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/util/sibwsInstall.jacl INSTALL_RA -installRoot /opt/WebSphere/AppServer -nodeName myNode01 -profileName new_profile_name In our Rational test environment we entered: wsadmin -f c:/Rational/RSA/runtimes/base_v6/util/sibwsInstall.jacl INSTALL_RA -installRoot "c:/Rational/RSA/runtimes/base_v6" -nodeName Node01 Tip: The second <was_install> must have elements in the path separated by a forward slash (/) even on Windows system. So a path of c:\WebSphere\AppServer becomes c:/WebSphere/AppServer. 2. Look for the message that confirms that the SIB_RA installation completed successfully. Tip: The concept of nodes is not apparent in a standalone application server. If you are not sure what your node name is, select Servers Application Servers in the administrative console. The node name is listed next to the server in the application server list.