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Runtime guidelines for Web services > Configuration tasks - Pg. 334

A Gateway instance enables a user to create gateway and proxy services. A Gateway service exposes external Web services as bus-managed Web services. A Proxy service exposes external Web services as bus-managed Web services, but with the added feature of allowing runtime control over the target service endpoint that is called. A Mediation is a stateless session EJB attached to a service destination that can apply processing to messages that pass through it, for example, logging or message transformation. JAX-RPC handler is a J2EE standard for intercepting and manipulating Web services messages. JAX-RPC handler list is used to manage JAX-RPC handlers by determining the order in which they are executed. These lists can be associated with bus services. The UDDI reference contains configuration information for UDDI registries to which the bus is able to connect. 10.7.2 Configuration tasks In the ITSOMart scenario, we have chosen to use the service integration bus as