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Deleting a group > Deleting a group - Pg. 109

Note: You cannot create multiple groups with the same name. The Name field has a limitation of 32 characters, uniquely defined to distinguish group definitions. In addition, the field does not accept apostrophes or quotation marks. The Description field is an alphanumeric field that has a limitation of 128 characters and describes a group definition. 5.3.2 Deleting a group To delete a group, perform the following steps: 1. Log in to the Administrative console. For further information about how to log in to the console, refer to 5.1, "Accessing the Administrative console" on page 98. 2. Select Users Software Catalog Groups All Groups. 3. From the List Groups table, select the check box next to the group name you want to delete as Figure 5-13 shows. Click Delete. Figure 5-13 List Groups 4. In the conformation dialog box, click OK to delete the group, or click Annulla to return without making any changes to the database as Figure 5-14 shows. Figure 5-14 Delete group confirmation Chapter 5. Administration 109