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Chapter 3: DS Storage Manager (GUI) > 3.4: Accessing the Information Center - Pg. 20

Logging in to the DS Storage Manager requires that you provide your user ID and password. This function is generally administered through your system administrator and by your company policies. The preconfigured user ID and password are as follows: User ID: admin Password: admin When you log on to the SMC for the first time using the admin user ID, you must change the password from admin to something more secure. 3.3.1 Real-time and Simulated configuration You have the following options to access the DS Storage Manager: Simulated (offline) manager This application allows you to create or modify logical configurations when disconnected from the network. After creating an initial configuration, you can save it and then apply it to a new or unconfigured Storage Unit at a later time. However, you cannot use the Simulated manager to perform any type of Copy Services configuration. You must perform Copy Services configuration from the Real-time manager. Real-time (online) manager This provides real-time management support for logical configuration and Copy Services functions to a DS6000 Storage Unit. 3.3.2 Advantages of using the DS GUI over the DS CLI The DS Storage Manager GUI has the following advantages for managing Remote Mirror and Copy functions: