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Managing software packages and bundles > Creating a digital certificate file fo... - Pg. 120

Note: When adding packages from multiple pages, you must select Apply to save your changes before selecting the << arrow or >> arrow. After selecting all the packages to add to the bundle, click Update. You will be prompted to select the order of installation for the packages in the bundle shown in Figure 4-30 on page 114. 6. Select a software package name, and click Up or Down to move the packages into the desired order. Click OK to update the bundle. The List Bundles table shown in Figure 4-35 on page 117 opens. 4.6.7 Creating a digital certificate file for a secure package Digital certificate signature files are generated automatically when a secure package is created or updated. Download packages will fail to create or update if the defined installation file is not available on the server. Logical Drive packages will be created or updated, but will display a warning message indicating that the system could not locate the defined installation file if the designated mapped drive is not available.