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Peer-to-Peer VTS hardware components > The Peer-to-Peer VTS Copy features - Pg. 19

With 36-GB disks installed, the TVC capacity can be 216 GB, 432 GB, 864 GB, or 1,728 GB. For more details on the available TVC configurations, please refer to "Tape Volume Cache features" on page 67. At least four IBM TotalStorage 3590 tape drives must be installed in the associated Model D12 frames. Four 3590s is the minimum for B10, six 3590s is the minimum for B20. If you are going to attach 3592 tape drives which are installed in the model D22 frame to the VTSs, at least four drives are required for the model B10 or B20. For supported configurations and an intermix of IBM 3590 and 3592 drives attached to the same VTS, refer to 3.1.10, "IBM TotalStorage 3592 tape drives Model J1A and E05 in a 3494 library" on page 72. SCSI attachment on any PtP candidate VTS is not supported and, if installed, needs to be removed for migration to a Peer-to-Peer VTS. The Import/Export function provided as part of the Advanced Function feature (feature 4000) on the Model Bxx VTS is not supported for a Peer-to-Peer VTS and, if installed, is disabled during migration to the Peer-to-Peer VTS. Advanced Policy Management (FC4001- FC4004) is an optional feature that provides a range of Library Manager policy configuration options, which have to be defined as identical in both attached Library Managers, and which enable you to: ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ Control PtP copy mode at the logical volume level via Management Class definitions Do a selective copy of those logical volumes that request a copy Create a VTS backup of a logical volume via Management Class definitions Use Volume Affinity via Storage Group definitions Control cache residency via Storage Class definitions Control the logical volume size, from 400 MB up to 4000 MB Use the secure date erase function for selective logical volumes in specific groups