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Chapter 2: Resources and tools > 2.1: IBM Configurator for e-business (e-Config... - Pg. 26

2.1 IBM Configurator for e-business (e-Config) The e-Config tool is available to your IBM representative. It is used to configure new configurations or upgrades to an existing configuration. It also maintains installed features for those configurations. Reports are generated by e-Config which are helpful in understanding what changes are being made for a system upgrade, and what the final configuration looks like. 2.2 Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) is a tool that supplies an interactive dialog to generate the I/O Definition File (IODF) and subsequently the Input/Output Configuration Data Set (IOCDS). We strongly recommend that you use HCD or HCM to generate the I/O configuration, as opposed to writing your own IOCP statements. The validation checking that HCD performs as you enter data helps minimize the risk of errors. HCD support for z9-109 is available on all supported z/OS levels and z/VM® beginning with V4.4. HCD provides the capability to make both dynamic hardware and software I/O configuration changes. For z/OS, HCD is required for Dynamic I/O reconfiguration. To ensure that you are running an operating system that allows you to use HCD to view and change the z9-109 configuration, refer to the information provided in 3.7, "Software support" on page 72. z/OS V1.7 HCD is required to support z9-109 with Multiple Subchannel Sets. Therefore, if you need to define more than one Multiple Subchannel Set (MSS) per Logical Channel