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Chapter 4: Smartcards - Pg. 47

4 Chapter 4. Smartcards Smartcards, a category including, for our purposes, both the credit card form factor (read by a reader) and cryptographic tokens (plugged directly into USB port), represent a significant, cross-application advance in user security. Designed to be under the physical control of the owner at all times, smartcards bolster the foundational rule that security is enhanced when the owner brings what she uniquely has (a cryptographic token, an ID file) together with what she uniquely knows (a passphrase). Industry support and marketplace acceptance have reached a critical mass where the promise of smartcard technology, a decade in the making, is being realized, not just recognized. Adoption by security-conscious organizations is decidedly on the rise. Note: Discussion here is up-to-date as of the initial release of Lotus Notes 7 (and codestreams 6.5.4 and 6.0.5). Notes smartcard support will continue to develop over time, perhaps rapidly. We encourage you to check the Release Notes and online documentation of later versions (and simply test directly) to determine if any noted limitations continue to apply. To access the Release Notes, select the Release Notes link in the Documentation Links section at: © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 47