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6.8: Software Catalog management > Software products structure - Pg. 224

6.8.3 Software products structure Using the ITLM Catalog manager tool described above, it is possible to perform the management of the following entities in the ITLM Master Catalog, as shown in Figure 6-13: Product These represent software products managed by IBM Tivoli License Manager. Products can have many Components. If a component is shared among products, these products are called complex products . Software products are represented in the ITLM Master Catalog using a three-tier structure as follows: Product Version Release. Components These are the software components that make up a product. For example, ITLM Administration server, ITLM Runtime server, and the ITLM Agent are software components of IBM Tivoli License Manager. A software product can have many Components and each Component is identified by one or more Signatures. Signatures These are the entities used by IBM Tivoli License Manager to identify software products installed on Nodes on which the ITLM Agent runs. IBM Tivoli License Manager uses many different types of Signatures to accurately