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Chapter 1: Business perspective for License Management - Pg. 3

1 Chapter 1. Business perspective for License Management This chapter discusses the business rationals and justifications for implementing License Management in an enterprise. It also describes the potential business impacts of not managing the software assets and how to approach the problematic by implementing Software Asset Management, which is part of the overall IT Service Management. The following topics are discussed in this chapter: 1.1, "Business challenges of License Management" on page 4 1.2, "Software Asset Management and License Management" on page 10 1.3, "Software Asset Management in ITIL" on page 12 1.4, "Software Asset Management in IBM IT Service Management" on page 16 1.5, "Software Asset Management in other management frameworks" on page 24 1.6, "Software Asset Management life cycle" on page 25 1.7, "Software Asset Management maturity levels" on page 29 1.8, "IBM SAM Solution" on page 31 © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 3