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Chapter 6. Apply Process > Apply Process Components - Pg. 135

Chapter 6: Apply Process 135 Apply Process States The apply process maintains a persistent state across database instance restarts. This means that if the apply process is running when the database instance is shut down, it automatically restarts when the database instance starts again. If the apply process was stopped, or was aborted, prior to the database shutdown, then it will not be automatically restarted when the database instance starts. You will have to manually start the apply process. However, if the database instance is started in the restricted session using the STARTUP RESTRICT command, the apply process will not start, irrespective of its state when the instance was shut down. If the apply process is running when the restricted session is enabled using the ALTER SYSTEM command, then the apply process continues to operate normally. If an already stopped apply process is started in a restricted session, you won't get an error, but the process won't really start until the restricted session is disabled. Apply Process Components Although you name the apply process when creating it, Oracle refers to it internally using an operating system process name of the form APxx, where AP stands for apply