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Chapter 6. Apply Process > Apply Process Parameters - Pg. 148

148 Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication negative_rule_set_name Name of the existing negative rule set. If set to NULL, then no negative rule set will be associated with the apply process. If a name is specified, then changes that satisfy the rule set will be discarded. Default value is NULL. source_database Specifies the global name of the database where the change originated. Default value is NULL. The following example creates an apply process called DBXA_APP using the existing positive rule set RULESET$_68. This example does not specify any handler procedures for the apply process. Note that the apply_captured parameter is set to TRUE, indicating that this apply process will only apply LCRs captured by the capture process. This apply process cannot apply LCRs captured by the synchronous capture process or LCRs enqueued by user applications. Also, the apply_tag parameter is set to a value of 0x11 (hex 11) instead of its default value of 0x00. This means the redo entries are tagged with this value when changes are applied to the destination tables. These tag values are important when changes made by the apply process are to be recaptured for replication to other destinations. SQL> connect strmadmin/strmadmin@DBXB.WORLD Connected.