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13 Release Brakes!: Conquer the Fear Bar... > THE GREATEST CHALLENGE IS LEAVING TH... - Pg. 163

R E L E A S E B R A K E S ! | 163 me attack my fear demons. He knew I was better than I thought I was and was confident that I would rise to the occa- sion. He wanted me to succeed. He believed not only in my ability but in me. He was my wingman. THE GREATEST CHALLENGE IS LEAVING THE GROUND EACH DAY I'm asking you, as you approach your work and handle the day-to-day missiles of business, to make the conscious choice to lead rather than fear. Be thankful for the warriors in your life who fight the good fight and give you the courage to release your brakes and take off in turbulent conditions. Ask for the strength to be a warrior for your customer, your coworkers, and those who aren't yet ready to release the brakes on their own. Because nothing happens on the ground. For life to occur, you must get up in the air and flap your wings--that's where the growth is. Releasing your brakes frees you to focus on what matters most. It's the first step on the journey to fulfillment, and it requires courage, preparation, and the support of your best wingmen. Remember, fighter pilots aren't trained to hang out in the officers' club and look good--they are meant to fly. And so are you. I want you to break whatever flight ceiling you have imposed on yourself. I want you to release the brakes and soar as you have never soared before. With your wingmen by your side, I want you to take flight, defeat the missiles, and create a courageous life built on the foundation of service and