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CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Virtualization > Reasons for Virtualizing

Reasons for Virtualizing

There are many reasons for creating systems in a virtualized environment rather than using physical hardware. In general, if your applications allow for virtualization, a virtualized environment lets you allocate sufficient resources to your applications using less power and with fewer cooling and space requirements. If applicable, in a virtualized environment, many virtualized systems can run on one physical computer, consuming fewer resources. Here are the top reasons for virtualizing:

Image  Server consolidation

Image  Server provisioning

Image  Functional separation

Image  Performance improvement

Image  Backup/restore

Image  Hosting and cloud computing

Image  Training, testing, quality assurance, and practice

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation is probably the top reason for virtualizing your environment. To consolidate servers, you take multiple computer systems and collapse them into, or consolidate them into, one server. Server consolidation is often, though not necessarily, accomplished using virtualization. From an Oracle database perspective, you can consolidate servers in multiple ways. You can consolidate servers by taking databases from several servers and putting them on a single server, each with their own instance (database). You can take databases from several servers and put them on a single database server within the same Oracle instance, either with or without partitioning. Finally, you can consolidate multiple Oracle databases onto a single s....


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