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86 Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide Storage-size capacity planning is best accomplished by keeping long-term monitoring data about the size and usage of your storage system. It is impossible to perform capacity planning tasks by looking at a single data point. To project future growth, you have to have data regarding past performance. Tools such as OEM Grid Control can assist with this, monitoring both the space usage of the individual virtual machines and the VM Server itself. Since Oracle VM storage uses OCFS2, obtaining space information is not difficult. If no tools are available, it is easy to create a crontab script to collect space information on a regular basis. This will provide valuable information for future capacity planning. Monitoring and Capacity Planning Monitoring is extremely important to capacity planning. The better the data, the better the outcome of the capacity planning exercise. The key to monitoring for capacity planning is to develop metrics. These metrics should be relevant, informative, and useful. A key initiative in many organizations is to develop enterprise metrics collection. The term enterprise metrics refers to metrics from all aspects of the business. These metrics might include business metrics as well as technical metrics. By gathering business metrics, you can anticipate future growth needs from the growth of the company itself.