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Chapter 1. Getting Started with Embedded... > The Importance of Planning - Pg. 15

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Embedded Analytics 15 The Importance of Planning Earlier, I referred to the process of designing your Oracle CRM On Demand implementation and mapping business processes to the functionality of the application. Depending on the makeup of your implementation team, you may find it challenging to perform many of the embedding tasks after the individuals responsible for the configuration of the application have left the implementation team. Often, reporting is left to the end of the project and by the time you begin building all of the reports that you want inserted into the application, the individuals with the necessary configuration skills and access have moved on to work on other things. It is a good idea to map out the role of embedded reports early in the design phase so that the resources necessary are available. Also, I have seen many implementations where the user acceptance testing of the application occurs before the analytics tools are developed for the users. The opinion that reports are just an ancillary component of the implementation leads project teams to conclude that reports should not be included in user acceptance testing. Embedded