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Chapter 3. Linking Reports > Dashboard Links - Pg. 118

118 Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics Dashboard Links A dashboard is a webpage that may contain many different elements. Most people think about dashboards containing embedded reports, and that is certainly the most common use of a dashboard. I briefly discuss embedded reports in a dashboard in the next chapter. Reports are not the only elements that you can include in your dashboards, however. One of the objects that you can include in your dashboard is the Link or Image object. With this element on your dashboard, you can create links to other webpages and reports. You can also embed a report as a link rather than displaying the report. In addition to linking from a dashboard, you may want to include a link from another location in Oracle CRM On Demand into a dashboard. I describe this link in this section as well. If you find yourself working with dashboards extensively, you may want to pick up a copy of Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards (McGraw-Hill/Professional, 2010) in which I describe dashboards in Oracle CRM On Demand in greater detail. The explanations