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9 An Optimization Management Toolbox > Business Process Layer - Pg. 178

178 Managing Oracle Fusion Applications s discussed in Chapter 3, optimization management involves three core goals: better productivity (do more), more efficient operations (cost less), and new business insights (improve). The achievement of these is based on several tasks, including process improvement and development projects, configuration and customization management, and improved resource and supplier administration. So how do these goals and the tasks to achieve them result from using tools to manage Fusion Applications? Let's take a look. A Business Process Layer Optimization, like the others plans before it, can be accomplished at the various levels of Fusion Applications, starting with this highest level, the one that's closest to the business operations themselves. Optimization requirements frequently stem from this level, since the needs of the business and its end users originate many of the demands the application manager faces. Although some of these demands will be technical in implementation-- faster response time, for example--many more will be concerned with extending and adjusting features so that they better support the organization's business tasks. As such, Fusion Applications sits at the center of the business and it's contribution can be greatly enhanced by a range of tools, services, and built-in capabilities that support all types of optimization. Although the following items are not necessarily supported by tooling, the Application Manager should establish clear targets, processes, and procedures for the following types of optimization: Business process execution The most important and most used processes should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. This should include the development and implementation of any requested extensions, enhancements, and improvements to those processes. Application and IT management process Most organizations regularly change and adopt new management capabilities and best practice methodologies (such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library [ITIL]) and this needs careful monitoring as an improvement project. The application manager may be involved in a detailed project or may simply be required to ensure his or her part of the IT operation is fully compliant.