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9 Oracle Data Guard > Handling Network Disconnects - Pg. 313

Chapter 9: Oracle Data Guard 313 workshop, we will modify the protection mode of our physical standby database default from Maximum Performance to Maximum Availability. Step 1. To set our protection mode to Maximum Availability, we must first configure the remote destination for our standby to use the SYNC method for log transport. SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest_2='SERVICE=cosp SYNC VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) DB_UNIQUE_NAME=COSP' scope=both sid='*'; Step 2. We are now ready to set our protection mode for the standby database to Maximum Availability. With Oracle Database 11g, you can modify the protection mode from Maximum Performance to Maximum Availability without restarting the primary database as long as you have specified the log_archive_config parameter (as we did in the MAA workshop "Creating an Oracle RAC Physical Standby Database"). Changing the protection mode to Maximum Protection will require a database restart if the protection level is not at Maximum Availability and if the standby database is not synchronized. SQL> alter database set standby database to maximize availability;