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476 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 g Architecture and Management 4. You can also obtain the status of each server by issuing the following command: wls:/pricingdomain/serverConfig> nmServerStatus('Pricing1') RUNNING Other WLST commands that you can use once you have established a connection to node manager include nmKill (to stop servers) and nmServerLog (to retrieve the log messages of a specific server). One of the important advantages of having node manager configured is that all of these commands can be executed remotely (that is, from a different server than the server on which the managed servers are running) without needing access to the Administration Console. This provides more flexibility in managing a Fusion Middleware environment and troubleshooting any issues that might arise. The steps outlined in this section lead to the configuration of node manager within the pricing1 host and the registration of the pricingdomain with it. To complete the picture, we would also need to configure node