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SPECIFIC REASONS MANAGERS STRUGGLE > Reason Number 8: They Put Their Heads in t... - Pg. 14

14 Ma na ge rs , C an You Hear Me Now? his résumé to mid-level and senior-level managers all around New York State. Six months came and went, as did his first full year with the company. While other participants in the fast-track program had moved on to a second and third job, he was still a sales manager. In addition to having a problem of being disliked by his peers and sales representatives, his sales results were the poorest in the area. Before his second anniversary with the company, he wisely decided to seek employment elsewhere. Here was an employee who, by all appearances, could have quickly moved up the ranks of the company, but because of his behavior-- being so focused on himself--he missed the fact that he actually had to achieve results in order to be considered for his next promotion.