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Preface - Pg. xxi

PREFACE T he objective of this study guide is to prepare you for the CTP+ exam by familiarizing you with the technologies and body of knowledge tested on the exam. Because the primary focus of the book is to help you pass the test, I don't always cover every aspect of the related technology. Some aspects of the technology are only covered to the extent necessary to help you understand what you need to know to pass the exam, but I hope this book will serve as a valuable professional resource for you after your exam. In particular, you will find many on-the-job facts and tips scattered throughout the book. These tips will prove valuable as you begin working with VoIP and video over IP technologies. In This Book This book is organized in such a way as to serve as an in-depth review for the CTP+ exam for both experienced networking professionals and newcomers to networking voice and video technologies. Each chapter covers a major aspect of the exam, with an emphasis on the "why" as well as the "how to" of working with and supporting converged networks. Downloads For more information about material available for download, please see Appendix C, "About the Download". Exam Readiness Checklist At the end of the introduction you will find an Exam Readiness Checklist. This table has been constructed to allow you to cross-reference the official exam objectives with the objectives as they are presented and covered in this book. The checklist also allows you to gauge your level of expertise on each objective at the outset of your studies. This should allow you to check your progress and make sure you spend the time you need on more difficult or unfamiliar sections. References have been provided for the objective exactly as the vendor presents it, along with chapter and page references. xxi 757-6_FM.indd xxi 10/5/11 5:28 PM