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CHAPTER 37 Clearly Define Jobs and Assig... > Step 7: Assume full responsibility f... - Pg. 177

managing people / 177 not rely on standard reports, but go to where the work is actually being done and take a look yourself. Step : Assume full responsibility for incorrect decisions Marshall was one of those generals who vehemently believed that a soldier has a right to competent command. As a result, he put a great deal of thought into all his people decisions. If those decisions turned out to be wrong, he always assumed full responsibility for them. Fur- thermore, he then personally ensured that the soldier in question was removed from his post, rather than leaving this work to others. This did not mean the soldier in question had to leave the organization for hav- ing performed badly: rather, Marshall, as his superior, blamed himself for having made the mistake of putting the soldier in a position that was ill-matched to that individual's strengths. The fact that Marshall swiftly and consistently rectified such errors of judgment earned him