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Chapter 1 Swayed, Nudged, and Driven: In... > A Never-Ending Battle for Rewards an... - Pg. 3

S WAYED , N UDGED , AND D RIVEN : I NFLUENCE I S C ONSTANT While social and domestic variables conspire to take this ability to different places and levels, the universal fact is that it is there within us, always available as a power to be reckoned with. Whether that power emerges as harnessing influence to get what we want or suc- cumbing to it and becoming helpless against the desires of others remains an issue not so much of fate as of comprehension. In other words, some get it and some don't. A Never-Ending Battle for Rewards and Resources As natural as it is for us to exert and respond to influence, it is a testament to the power of influence that it takes on so many forms and levels among adults. The constant battle for rewards and the pressures of competition for resources are woven into the fabric of any organization that's populated with goal-oriented profession-