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Starting and Stopping WebLogic Server > Configuring Server Attributes with webl... - Pg. 107

78 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Administration Handbook As the discussion here shows, if you attempt to start the Admin Server or the Managed Server from an alternate location, WebLogic Server may not be able to find the appropriate configuration file and thus prompts for the creation of the config.xml file. This also demonstrates how easy it is to create a new domain just by issuing the java weblogic.Server command. NOTE You can start a lightweight WebLogic Server instance without EJBs, JCA, and JMS by changing to the DOMAIN_HOME\bin directory and running the following commands: $setDomainEnv.cmd $java weblogic.Server -DserverType="wlx" TIp Oracle recommends that you use the java weblogic.Server command only for starting up development environments and not production environments because it won't run from a directory that is outside the Middleware home directory. Also, the server run time won't recognize any patches. Configuring Server Attributes with weblogic.Server