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Chapter 2 The Due Diligence Process > On-Site Assessments - Pg. 25

CHAPTER 2: The Due Diligence Process 25 ON-SITE ASSESSMENTS If the due diligence process were a "journey of discovery," then the on- site assessment phase would be "dealing with the native population"! The on-site assessment should follow a strict agenda, which you will have pre- pared during the planning for discovery phase. You will have provided the agenda to the business in advance of the on-site assessment, and you will have established a single point of contact that you will be able to work through. The business will need to collect any requested documentation in advance, along with any records or other data requested (by either copying the documents or loading them electronically into a due diligence docu- ment management system). Receipts should be provided for all documents collected, and they should all be covered by the NDA. There are no rules for how long the on-site assessment should take. The investors establish the schedule and timeline, and you don't want to be rushed. You'll need enough time to be thorough, but you must always