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Chapter 1 Leading in the Toyota Way: A L... > The Toyota Way Leadership Developmen... - Pg. 39

Leading in the Toyota Way 39 the United States that were operating well below capacity, their first question was not about profitability, but rather: "How is the morale of the team members?" It is respect for people that drives Toyota to build vehicles locally in the place where they are sold and to make large com- mitments to the social and economic well-being of the communities and countries where it does business. And it is that same respect that has led to massive investments in environmentally friendly technology, exemplified in the Prius. The Toyota Way Leadership Development Model These values are the bedrock of Toyota leadership, but adherence to the values, in and of itself, does not a leader make. Toyota does have a sys- tematic way of identifying and developing leaders over their careers, although this process has never been formally codified (unlike the core