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Chapter 1.What is Nanotechnology? > 1.2An Ostensive Definition of Nanotechnolog... - Pg. 5

1.3 A Brief History of Nanotechnology 5 Table 1.1 Some nano concepts and their intensions and extensions Intension One or more external dimensions in the nanoscale One or more geometrical features in the nanoscale Automaton with information storage and/or processing embodiments in the nanoscale Concept Nano-object Nanomaterial Nanodevice Extension Graphene, fullerene A nanocomposite Single electron transistor researched as a way of achieving electronic switching; optoelectronic control is a popular way of achieving photonic switching; and photochemistry in miniaturized reactors involves both nanophotonics and nanofluidics. Table 1.1 describes a few of the concepts and their intensions and extensions. At the time of writing, the terminology of nanotechnology is still being intensively debated within national standards organizations as well supranational bodies such as the Comit e Europ een de Normalisation (CEN) and the International Standards ´ ´