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Chapter 2 > Chapter 2 - Pg. 418

418 Answers to Questions as control systems. The microprocessor system, e.g. PC, has more memory and is used as a general-purpose computer for personal, business and educational use, for word processing, database management, design, etc. (8) 8. The hardware is designed and built. The MCU program is written in a text editor on a host computer, debugged, assembled to a hex file, tested in simulation, debugged again, downloaded and tested in hardware. (6) (Total 50 marks) Chapter 2 1. The program is stored as a list of binary machine codes in program memory, created by the assembler from the user source code. The instructions are executed in turn, copied to the instruction register and decoded to set up the processor control logic accordingly. The program counter stores the address of the current instruction, and is incremented automatically to the next. If a jump is required, the destination address is given as the instruction operand, which is placed in the program counter. The MCU clock drives the program execution along at four clock cycles per instruction. (5)