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4.3 Batteries > 4.3.1 Introduction - Pg. 131

Chapter | 4 Substation Auxiliary Power Supplies 131 The Installation Process Designs must take account of the need to safely install, maintain and disman- tle a battery installation. Some battery units come in multi-cell blocks, and can be very heavy. Racks À either open or in-cabinet À must enable safe handling, taking account of human weight handling limits. If handling trol- leys are used, access routes must be designed accordingly. 4.2.4 Typical Enquiry Data À DC Switchboard 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Maximum physical dimensions À width 3 depth 3 height (mm) Enclosure IP rating (IEC 60529) Single line diagram drawing number Unequipped spare ways Equipped spare ways a IEC 60439 Relevant standards DC distribution boards Molded case circuit breakers b Fuses Contactors Isolators and earth switches IEC 60157 IEC 60269 IEC 60158 EN 60129