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Appendix D: Product-based planning examp... > D.2 EXAMPLE OF A PROJECT PRODUCT DES... - Pg. 279

Appendix D: Product-based planning example D.1 ScenArio A project is required to organize and run a conference for between 80 and 100 delegates. The date and subject matter are set, and the focus of the conference is to bring members of a particular profession up to date on recent developments in professional procedures and standards. The project team will need to identify a venue, and check its availability, facilities and price before booking it. They will also need to identify suitable speakers and book them, before producing a detailed agenda and programme. A mailing list of delegates is available, and once the venue has been booked, the project team will need to issue a press release based on the agreed programme. Part of the project will involve producing 100 delegate handouts, with a Conference cover reflecting the selected subject matter. These handouts must contain a printed agenda covering the agreed programme, copies of slides and notes used by the speakers, and a feedback form to capture attendee reviews. Booking arrangements for attending the conference, including details of the programme and venue, must be sent out in the mail-shot. The team will need to regularly update the attendance list based on responses to the mail- shot, and make arrangements to recruit staff to help on the day, based on the final attendance list. D.2 exAmPle of A Project ProDuct DeScriPtion Table D.1 gives an example of a Project Product Description for an annual conference.