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Chapter 14: Initiating a Project > 14.4 ACTIVITIES - Pg. 150

150 | Initiating a Project How the corporate (or programme's) project Prepare the Quality Management Strategy Prepare the Communication Management management method will be tailored to suit the project. Strategy Set up the project controls Create the Project Plan Refine the Business Case Assemble the Project Initiation 14.3 context Initiating a Project is aimed at laying down the foundations in order to achieve a successful project. Specifically, all parties must be clear on what the project is intended to achieve, why it is needed, how the outcome is to be achieved and what their responsibilities are, so that there can be genuine commitment to it. The Initiating a Project process allows the Project Board, via Directing a Project (see Chapter 13), to decide whether or not the project is sufficiently aligned with corporate or programme objectives to authorize its continuation. If, instead, the organization proceeds directly from Starting up a Project (see Chapter 12) to Controlling a Stage (see Chapter 15), then it may be forced to commit significant financial resources Documentation. The activities to establish the strategies for the project may be executed in parallel, but it is recommended that the Communications Management Strategy is completed last as it will need to include any communications required of the other strategies. The strategies are derived from the corporate or programme management strategies, standards or practices that the project needs to comply with, and the customer's quality expectations captured in the Project Product Description. Once the strategies have been defined, it is possible to set up the project controls and create the Project Plan. These