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Chapter 18: Closing a Project > 18.3 CONTEXT - Pg. 205

18 Closing a Project Assess any benefits that have already been 18.1 PurPose The purpose of the Closing a Project process is to provide a fixed point at which acceptance for the project product is confirmed, and to recognize that objectives set out in the original Project Initiation Documentation have been achieved (or approved changes to the objectives have been achieved), or that the project has nothing more to contribute. realized, update the forecast of the remaining benefits, and plan for a review of those unrealized benefits Ensure that provision has been made to address all open issues and risks, with follow-on action recommendations. 18.3 Context One of the defining features of a PRINCE2 project is that it is finite ­ it has a start and an end. If the project loses this distinctiveness, it loses some of its advantages over purely operational management approaches. A clear end to a project: 18.2 objeCtive The objective of the Closing a Project process is to: Verify user acceptance of the project's products Ensure that the host site is able to support the products when the project is disbanded Review the performance of the project against its baselines Directing a Project Premature close Controlling a Stage Project end approaching Prepare planned closure Prepare premature closure Hand over products Closing a Project Evaluate the project Recommend project closure Closure recommendation Figure 18.1 Overview of Closing a Project