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Chapter 5: Organization > 5.2 ORGANIZATION DEFINED - Pg. 31

5 5.1 organization PurPose and is likely to require a broad base of skills for a comparatively short period of time. The purpose of the Organization theme is to define and establish the project's structure of accountability and responsibilities (the who?). PRINCE2 is based on a customer/supplier environment. It assumes that there will be a customer who will specify the desired result and probably pay for the project, and a supplier who will provide the resources and skills to deliver that result. Every project needs effective direction, management, control and communication. Establishing an effective project management team structure and strategy for communication at the beginning of a project, and maintaining these throughout the project's life, are essential elements of a project's success. One of the principles of PRINCE2 is that all projects must have a defined organizational structure to 5.2.2 Programme A project can be run as a stand-alone entity or can be part of a programme of related projects. A programme is a temporary flexible organizational structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities, in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to the organization's strategic objectives. It is likely to have a longer life than a single project. A project which forms part of a programme may be impacted by the programme structure and reporting requirements. 5.2.3 Corporate organization A project may or may not form part of a programme. It will, however, exist within the wider context of a corporate organization. Corporate